Generational Equity: In 2022, Donors Likely Will Give More to Charities with Missions They Share

Generational Equity

December 12, 2021

Generational Equity: In 2022, Donors Likely Will Give More to Charities with Missions They Share

Studies Show That Charitable Giving Will Be Up At Almost 6 Percent In 2022

 Generational Equity examines the data and says that, according to a Lilly Foundation study, charitable giving increased in 2021 and is expected to be up even more to roughly 5.7 percent in 2022. Charitable giving increases typically follow a rise in GDP, such as what the country is experiencing post-pandemic. Giving will increase among most categories of donors, including corporations, individuals, and estates. Corporations and estates can give more now because the stock market is performing well, he says. Foundations will give less in 2022 than in 2021, which was an unusually strong year for grants.

Tying Dollars to Mission

Donors, especially millennials, are becoming choosy about the causes they support, and they will give the most in 2022 to those charities whose missions they share. Generational Equity crunches the numbers and tells us that individual donors tend to rank health services, hunger, religion, environmental issues, and treatment for diseases as society’s most significant challenges. However, Millennials and younger donors increasingly are ranking economic development, education, and gender equality as substantial challenges, as well. Their giving will reflect these priorities, he said.

Millennials and younger donors also are choosing a giving lifestyle, buying from businesses that support the social good. Many also are deciding to invest only in socially conscious companies that share their priorities, Hellwig says.

Many individual donors will give digitally post-pandemic. According to Generational Equity, online giving and social media platforms became popular during the pandemic and likely will remain major donation vehicles.

Generational Equity

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